Alise Versella - Author & Poet

Featured Works

Rebelle Society

"As I approach my 10-year high school reunion, I ruminate on the glory and derision I have for small towns..."

Womens Spiritual

"This is a poem about the earth and the moon and sun… It’s about how our roots run deep into the sacramental dirt, how connected we are to all of it..."

Elephant Journal

"The sun has put out her flames of golden fire on the leaves of poplar trees And she lies to rest behind them..."

Sivana East

"We are so attached to things as Lunar New Year approaches I feel behooved to implore you to detach from what no longer serves you. In essence, purge...."

The Tattooed Buddha

"I have always been so much more than what you see T.S Eliot wrote the most fertile words out of a wasteland-he was a bank teller..."

Ultraviolet Tribe

"Hold a space for me Between The darkened winter leaves Breathe the frost Clinging to frozen oaks..."

Three Drops

"Welcome to another issue of beautifully strange and strangely beautiful poetry and flash fiction...."

The Opiate

"'You don’t look I-talian.' 'Do you get dark in the summer?' 'Do you know anyone in the mob?''..."


"Intimacy is that look you receive when you undress each other for the first time Say wonderment..."


"This soft, human flesh Proves insufficient covering Belies the strength of muscled mass..."


"I’m sending messages to ghosts With every ink ingrained letter pressed into paper Which I burn like sage..."

What Rough Beast

"Alise Versella I Don’t Care to Be Pretty I will never be the girl with the pretty mouth For the girl with the pretty mouth is the girl Who will eventually get slapped Along the length of it Who will grow ashamed Of its curling corners..."

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