Alise Versella - Author & Poet


Five Foot Voice

Five Foot Voice is a collection of poetry by twenty-year-old author Alise Versella who opens her heart to the world and explores the feelings of first love and the pain that follows as it ends, faith and religion and its affect on the world and the sheer beauty life brings as you take to the open road and explore what ultimately lies within your heart.

Onion Heart

In this second collection of poems, author Alise Versella takes to the mirror. Self reflecting on the images of herself, her world, and the person who was once a part of it. In beautiful prose she shatters the mirror and lets us read through the pieces. Undoubtedly bringing to light the very images we all wake up every morning to face.

A Few Wild Stanzas

This third collection of poetry by Ms. Versella speaks loudly of her love of words. It’s about a boy who unfurled the closed up petals of her heart again. A song to a society she is always internally at war with. It is her search for spirituality. It is a battle cry. These Few Wild Stanzas are the etchings of her soul tattooed upon her flesh. Magic through lead and ink. May these words glitter before you like a comet across the night sky.

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