I was born in New York and raised in the pinelands of New Jersey near enough to the sea as artists tend to be. I have always had a fondness for notebooks and every trip to the drugstore with my grandpa resulted in yet another purchase of another Meade notebook. That infatuation with the crisp, clean pages of yet to be filled notebooks along with a voracious appetite for reading, grew into a desire to write poetry. Poetry helped me to express all the things I was too shy to say out loud. I am a shy girl who on more than one occasion has been afraid to speak loud lest you judge me, but writing! The pen ink is my blood and I bleed my soul and my heart all over that page because I desperately want to be known. Poetry has always been the ether in my veins and the oxygen I bleed, it is my Five Foot Voice, my Onion Heart, I am peeling back the layers of myself like a lotus unfurling its petals in order to grow fully in the waters that can sometimes weigh it down. I'm writing poetry to find myself; I'm writing poetry to save the world. My hope is that my poetry saves someone's world from crumbling because I believe poetry is a beautiful salve to heal our deepest wounds, metaphorical heartbeats on white pages.

Alise Versella has received several accolades for her poetry including the Honor Award in Creative Writing for two consecutive years during her high school attendance. She was part of the schools literary magazine, Silver Lining. Kirkus Indie and Forward Clarion have reviewed her giving her 4 out of 5 stars for Five Foot Voice and calling her, "a promising newcomer with her ability to craft a unique blend of the symbolist and the confessional." She's received a 4th honorable mention for her poem S.L.V in the collection Onion Heart. Several of her poems can be viewed on rebellesociety.com and womansspiritualpoetry.blogspot.com. You can contact her here and connect via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Her collections are for sale via Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

*Thank you all for your support I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you. May you embrace your darkness and find your light.* Alise